What's this site about?

In this site, you'll be able to download stuff for MUGEN.
What is MUGEN?
MUGEN is a 2D-fighting-game engine. You can create your own characters, stages, lifebars, etc... You can "easily" create your own game.
If you can't create your own design, you still can rip sprites from games (King of fighters, Street fighter, ...)
But you can also download already-made characters or else by other peoples (like me huh...) and add it to your MUGEN.

To get MUGEN, check the link page and go to Randomselect or Fanaticmugen.

About the site itself:

Well, this is the first MUGEN site being half Viêtnamese and Spanish, though everything is written in English.
Why this name? Because like I said it's half Viet and half Spanish... Still why? Well, I feel atracted by both of my origine recently.
I gave up the DELTA PARK which was my last MUGEN site. And CHRISTMAS MUGEN has been deleted because Dreamslayer forgot to pay the server lol.

Now about the design, I kinda took my old Christmas Mugen design (mainly for its menu and that Ryo Saeba fellow).
A big thanks to my friend Ultra JP for making the banner.
And thanks to me for taking a picture at the park in Ho Chi Minh City, in Vietnam. Used for the background for the index.

About me:

I'm creating stuff for MUGEN since the year 2000... Quite a long time heh?
Who inspired me? Neogouki 's Joe Higashi. It just can show you how a character can be accurate to the original game.
Before MUGEN I was into Kof91... No more to say about that.

Oh... about me? myself? I'm random boy. You can guess my name and my origines from the index page of the site...