Some additional attacks for Clara. The first one is a C+D attack for my UG game, while the second one is taken from PI2 and used as a commend move in my game.
First one is Terry 's RBS Geizer launch style. And the second one is a "better" crouching strong punch, taking the strong punch from Kof2000 and merging with the old crouch strong punch (+ edit a bit).
Hikaru from PI:M in a collapse/cheeseKO anim.
Terry, waiting for the bus? No, waiting to fight Geese... Oh, 100% original sprite.
Fusion of Bulma from DBZ, and Hugo (sprite taken from SVC). Ugly, ain't it? I made it for fun, after reading a stupid fan-boy thread of DBZ VS CAPCOM. RAHAHA!
Yamazaki 's poison hand edited from CVS for Yamazaki2003. This move is originaly from Fatal fury Wild Ambition...
Midnight Bliss transformation for Hinako, Jhun, and Mature. Note that the MB is suposed to transform a man into a girl, and a girl into a sexier girl... Though I sometime call MB Jhun "Jhun 's daughter".
Edited from Kim. To make the SAN RAN GEKI attack for Jhun Hoon. Thanks to Shin Dio for some fix.
A sprite of Elizabeth from KOF XI. Just a clean from a JPG screenshot...
A sick thing I made for a sick monster contest in Mugenguild 's forum... POWER IS LOSING CONTROL RAHAAAAAAA!!! Really...
Sexy collapse/cheeseKO for Hinako and Yuri... Don't look at it, you pervert.
Some Yuri designs I wanted to make for my UG game... None of them will be used though.
Additionnal attack for Kyo2003. Edited from a Kyo99 sprite.
Edited boobs in Yuri96 's stance. boing boing boing...
Jhun of the jungle.
Yaotome pose for Kusanagi. Thanks to Walt for the fix.
Hou ou Kyaku pose for Jhun. Thanks again to Walt for fixing the sprite. And Rikard too btw.
A collapse/cheeseKO sprite for Kula. And a sprite I made myself (looking at a video) of Kula 's new KOF XI attack, corrected by BaoJJ.
SD sprites for Kim and Kusanagi in UG.
A walking frame of Krauser. Incomplete version. But Shin Dio and Walt are working on fixing the whole animation.
Mary with her RBS bra. Will be used in UG, maybe...
Piccolo Daimao, edited from Piccolo Daimao Junior from DBZ1 arcade.
"Ore wa kisama no ani! Raditz da!", he is everyone 's fav big bro, edited from Ginyu from DBZ1 arcade.
Nappa edited from Recoom from DBZ1 arcade.
Kura, edited from... guess who?
Chonshu 's Ff3 portrait with Kof2002 shading style.
DIA, a character edited from Hinako. I made it out of a joke against Shin Dio, hehehe.
Yamazaki2002 's portrait with his RB outfit.
Jill Valentine from Resident Evil 3. Capcom style (edited from herself from MVC2) and KOF style (edited from Shermie and Mary).
Hi-res "original" sprite of Kesare Melisenda, a loli from one of my comics called "Double Headache".
Clara in CVS style edited from Mai.
Son Pan, edited from Androide 18 from DBZ 2 arcade.
Lucifer from the 2nd DB movie: "Mashinjo no nemurihime" of something like that (Sleeping princess of the Devil castle). Edited from Geese KofNeowave + a bit of Robert Kof2003.
Micky Rogers from Art of fighting. Edited from a Aof2 sprite with Kof shading. Made for fun, nothing more. But could be a (very far) futur WIP.

Nao Yuuki from the anim Mai HiME. Edited from Kisarah (NGBC).Nao is my fav character in Mai HiME.

Andy 's RBS special attack in Andy97 style made for a WIP of a friend.
Evil Robert.......................