Here is where I host characters made by Star Platinum and Mouser.

Not really a creator. But that guy is one of my pals. He always help me when I need sprite edits. You can see his stuff in his site.
I took his avatar because he is your everyday's lazy-ass. But he is another guy I know since a while and pretty well. He has done lot of stages, add-ons and tools for MUGEN. I'm sure that if he moves his ass sometime he could finish his character...
Kusanagi Ky0, I also know him since a while. A very kind guy. His site is msotly about original stuff. He made 1 original character + sprited the 2nd one (which I coded myself). Lot of original stages too and some original flash movies of his char.
CHOUJIN WORLD. Choujin is a fresh Japanese MUGEN characters creator. His first creation was an update of my Goku, and I think he did a very well job. And he is making some DBZ characters from the arcade games. And btw he is a kind and respectful man too.
Misamu 's site. He has been in MUGEN since very much times. He is making, with his team, a game called KING OF FIGHTERS ZILLION. You should have a look, you won't regret, I swear.
Byakko 's home. You can enter, eat in the kitchen, sleep in the bedroom, etc... No. Oh well, Byakko is a CVS characters creator. Look at the banner and you shall understand quickly. And yeah, as he said: "CvS is good for you".
Not a creator YET. But will be someday... Maybe in 100 years lol. You still can see his edits and projects.
Mike Werewolf. A talented MUGEN creator. He has a lot of knowledge. If you look for tips and tutorials you should look at his site, I guess, I don't remember.
Here is another Japanese MUGEN characters creator. He made a Miu from Kof-ex2 and gave me authorisation to use his sprite rips.
Sunny is a French Mugen characters creator. He is in the scene since a while, but had to left. But he is back in the track. He created some loli characters, a screenpak, some stages, and a full Mugen game.
Big Eli King 's network. Hey! He hosts me and Orochi Kof97.
MUGEN database and it has a forum too. You need this site.
Dadou and Electrocaid 's site. They will/are host(ing) my old creations.
I didn't want to link this forum... But you will like it. I'm sure...
Polish site of DooM, it has news of Mugen releases and a forum.


If you like DB, DBZ, DBGT, Saint Seiya, HNK, ... and you are French, and you love Original Version stuff, then it's for you. The fan-sub team ARF are working hard on some fan-sub projects. Subed in French...
If you liked the old 1993 DOOM saga, you must take a look here. They remake the game with some 3D models. Really, it makes DOOM revive. Though you must have the original game's WAD files to play.
French site about HAJIME NO IPPO. HNI is a manga about boxing. Very nice, just like its first ending song...
Ringu is a Japanese movie. And Sadako is THE ghost. Really, I liked that movie. But not the American remake. Here you can find a lot of pictures of the movies - SPOIL alert :P - Achats de Jeux-vidéo pour Consoles et PC - Japonais, Coréens, et autres régions!