This is the 2nd time I rip sprites for a character I'm not gonna code :P
In fact, I was going to code her, but lack of interest after coming back from vacations, you know...
Instead of deleting the files, I prefered to make a pack like I did for Sonia or Red A.
I have used the debug bios 's sprite viewer to rip those sprites, so, at least, it has those perfect alignements (and axis for those who use the already-made-SFF).
Btw if someone still have the pack of sprites I made of Red A. and/or Sonia, please send them to me (go to my forum). Thank you.

This pack includes: sprite rips PNG format and PCX format (256 colors), txt file to make the SFF with sprmaker + the BAT file to avoid going to Msdos, the SFF file, a started AIR file, the original palette + a KOF-look-like palette.




For those who are not going to use the SFF, only the sprites (taken from the readme file).

For begginers only:

How to make the SFF for him "clean" and with "perfect axis"

side note: the sprites of Mai are already clean and in PCX format with the TXT file ready for sprmaker.
---------  Just took directly what I wrote for Red Arremer 's rips.


Well, that thing is pretty known by almsot all Mugen users (at least those who code chars).
But I'm pretty sure that will help some begginers.
And also, that make you NOT use the tools like MCM and such.

Make sure you have those:

* PCXclean.exe
* SPRMaker.exe

They are the official tools by elecbyte. If you don't have them, then use :P
Because I don't know where to get them, and I won't send them either.

Make sure you can:

* Make a Palette file

If you don't, go to mugen/docs/ there are plenty docs to learn it by yourself.

1st step:

Make the palette file of the character, with ALL colors of course.

2nd step:

Convert all PNG files to PCX files.

3rd step:

Then use PCXClean through MSDOS (or a .BAT file) like this:

pcxclean -c -y -t *.pcx char.act

That will avoid the pic mode and will repli Yes to all question, fast...
you may write your palette file instead of "char.act"
And *.pcx is the directory and file(s) you wanna clean. In the exemple, PCXclean is at the same
directory as the PCX files, and will clean ALL PCX files.

4th step:

Well, now you may have your PCX files cleaned.
It's time to use SPRMaker.
1stly you may write down a TXT file... follow the exemple (already showed in the official tuts):

#                             ;You may start your file with it... it's for the palette
chars/ccipiccolo/piccolo.sff  ;The directory and the filename you wanna create.
work/piccolo/f-face.pcx       ;The directory and the PCX file name you wanna put in the SFF
9000                          ;Group
0                             ;Image number
0                             ;X axis
0                             ;Y axis

Remember that 9000,0 is for small portrait.
Don't worry, with Red Arremer, you won't have to change the X and Y axis everytime (well, except
for the required anims). His X and Y axis are basically 158*180.

Also remember that if you have the big portrait with a custom palette, you may put it at the end
of the TXT file.

work/piccolo/hishou4.pcx  ;Last frame to put in the SFF
#                         ;Add this another time for the custome palette and its followers.
work/piccolo/f-faceb.pcx  ;Big portrait
0                         ;the Y axis of the Big portrait MUST be the LAST line of the TXT file.

5th step:

Once you got it, you may run SPRMaker with MSDOS or a .bat file like for PCXclean.

do it this way:

sprmaker < piccolo.txt -c -f -p

That's the best way to get a perfect SFF file :P (cropped and such).

Now you got a clean SFF file :)
(That how I made my latest released char 's SFF - CCI Kim Kaph Hwan).