Here is everything unrelated to the other sections. You can find sprite/voice rips, videos, etc...

RIPS (sprites/voices)
Mai Shiranui sprites/voices rips from Real Bout Fatal fury 1
KOFex2 voices pack (Moe, Jun, Miu, Reiji, Shinobu)
Red Arremer sprites rips from SNK vs Capcom: Chaos


The end of Dragon Ball - it's the video clip we can see in the final episode of DBGT, we see very scenes of Goku in DB, DBZ and DBGT with the song "Dan dan kokoro hikarete ku". 60 Mo - 4 Minutes
Sabitsuita Machine Gun de ima wo uchi nukou - the 4th ending of DBGT, we can see Goku 's evolution, a big smile, and almost all his friends/family. 23 Mo - 1,35 Minutes
Wolf Hurricane - Yamcha VS Tenshinhan 's fight debut had a song which is Yamcha 's (DB episode 87). 10,4 Mo - 1,36 Minutes
Red Ribbon - from the end of the DB episode 65 - Goku is flying to the RR bases, thinking about his previous fights with the army. 17,5 Mo - 2,26 Minutes
Natsuki - in ep4 of Mai Hime, a Ouphan stole Natsuki 's panty, and Mikoto wants a fight against Natsuki... 2,26 Mo - 34 secs


Raditz laughing at Songoku: DWAHAHAHA (French)
Vegeta 's "first voice" when he had red hair (French)
Random Alien saying Nappa and Vegeta are ugly in episode 11 of DBZ (French)
French Piccolo had several different voices in DBZ, but this one is too much, himself said "what is that voice?" (French)
Freeza taking the Genkidama part 1 and part 2 (French)
Freeza laughing at Planet Vegeta 's destruction, version 1 is from the TV special of Baddack, version 2 is from the TV serie (Japanese)

Imagine yourself doing the Raiden stance in REAL LIFE.
Dats 2 k00l (taht's too cool)
"Soy el mas atractivo del mundo" Freeza is such a handsome guy...
You scared Freeza because you s.......
Me and Orochi Kof97 have released our chars at the same time, great timing huh?
Let's shoot a warehouse.