FAREWELL (updated: 26/02/07)

(now with colors)

Happy new year 2007 to everyone.

I'll be stoping the public releases for a while (and yes, my CCSakura, my Kof95 chars and my CVS chars are still private). In fact, your so-called
community is starting to bore me. Not only those haters (fuck you all), but also some peoples who just come, pay some servers and think they
have all the rights. Oh and also those who think they are great and funny while they suck.

Anyway, I'm still working on my projects if you ask me, but not very much peoples are going to have it. Yeah, I'm not trusting everyone like I
used to. So Mugen is still my hobby, but I'm not sharing anymore with everyone.

But I'll be back someday with 1 or 2 releases (Ultimate Garou if I finish it someday ~I'm 70% done though~ and some other game project), unless
I get married before finishing those, but oh well... WHO CARES?!

On a big "btw"... My forum doesn't allow new members to post. Why? Go and thanks the idiots who come in my forum to spam and insult the

On the last note, my characters are still available here, and the older are still on fanaticmugen.free.fr (hacked?) and on randomselect.i-xcell.com.
I'll maybe be updating the site adding some youtube links in THIS page. But don't expect more character releases from me.

Here are the lists of the chars I made before 2007: sort by date, sort by game. *updated 26.feb.07*

Thanks to everyone who supported me, even if you were not that much. And fuck to the one who deserve to be fucked.

But I wanna thanks the following:

(from the French community)
Dark Saviour, Orochi Kof97, Chloe, Kusanagi Ky0, Tof, Byakko, Dadou, Kyosuke_EX, Electrocaid, Shin ShadowH, Benlinx, Sophiex,
UltraJP/Kami, Ender/Alex Denton, Mike Werewolf, Butchy, Sunny, Zesensei, PeJ (only for the roms) and of course BaoJJ.

(from I-xcell/Mrev)
Big Eli King, Sion, Sunboy and Neogouki (didn't know where to put him)

(from the Brazil)
Fervicante, O_Experto, O Illusionista, Aces High, Ice (ayaminumberthree guy).

(from the latino-America and Spain)
Juan Gouketsu, Shin Dio, Walter, Edward the Great, Ryoga_rg/P-chan, @ndroide, Li-kun, Maria-Azul, Sander.

(from Asia)
Choujin, Misamu, Kaku and Ahuron.

(from Mugenguild)
Rikard, Ryouga Lolakie, Sinasta1, KFM, The Dreamslayer, Loona, Star Platinum, Psicoso and Iced.

Special thanks to: Smogon and Garuda. And also that Shaunyboy who used to come in my first forum.

I might have forgotten some other peoples, but I really made this in hurry. I might update the list if I ever remember some names. But thanks to anyone who support(ed) me too.

Fuck you:

Omega (yes, you ripped Chonrei from Warusaki3's SFF and pretended you ripped from Fatal fury 3!)
Valodim (I already see you in your forum posting some smartass stuff about your name being here)
Anyone who complained about Clara, Terry and Ryuji having a password.

- CCIronmugen (2000~2006)

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